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Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning and Tile Care in Cambridge, Kitchener & Waterloo

Your floor coverings and upholstery are important investments. By ensuring they receive professional maintenance you’ll reap more value from these investments. Here’s why:

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Professional Cleaning Saves Money Over the Long Run

Professional maintenance programs actually extend the life of your carpeting by removing soil. Soil not only detracts from the appearance of your carpeting, it can also damage carpet fibres. You should only be replacing your carpeting because you want to, not because you have to. Properly maintained carpeting seldom wears out.


Improved Air Quality

When you remove soil and allergens, you significantly contribute to the healthy air in your indoor space. Your carpeting and upholstery are effective traps for soil and allergens. But they can’t hang on to that stuff forever. If your carpet is not properly cleaned, soil and allergens will eventually escape and your indoor air quality will deteriorate.


Protect yourself by ensuring that your floor coverings and upholstery are professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Truck mounted carpet cleaning has been shown to significantly improve indoor air quality by reducing gas phase organics, biological contamination and respirable particles.


Allergy Relief

And remember, if you have allergies don’t remove your carpeting — clean it! Research from The Carpet and Rug Institute demonstrates that clean carpeting is better for allergy sufferers than bare flooring.


For more information about the benefits of cleaning your carpet and upholstery, please click on any of the following links or contact our office.


Top 10 Reasons to Clean Your Carpets

Carpeting is an investment that pays back big time. But it’s important to ensure that it receives regular professional maintenance.


Health and Environmental Stewardship

You can breathe easy knowing that Cambridge Carpet Cleaning’s environmentally sustainable cleaning services are the healthy choice for your indoor spaces and the outdoor environment.


Carpet Appearance Management Programs

Our commercial clients save BIG money and extend the life of their carpeting with our custom-designed carpet appearance management programs.

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